Keith Grant, Frontline Equipment Technologies, LLC

2Q.17 Founder Talk
May 5, 2017
Keith Grant left the recent Venture Pitch SWFL forum in Punta Gorda having made a case that old-school tool manufacturing and 21st century technology go together like a firefighter and fire hose.

“We’re just going into a different level,” says Grant, who expects to add more private investment to the $30,000 from Venture Pitch.”

Keith Grant

Brandon G. Phillips, Global HR Research Inc.

2Q.16 Founder Talk
Thursday, April 7, 2016
Paragon Pavilion Theater – Naples, FL

“Global HR Research Founder, Entrepreneur to speak in Naples”

“My personal core philosophies, ‘grit and perseverance,’ were born out of the obstacles and challenges I faced early on in life. I experienced significant poverty growing up and overcame many barriers through hard work that led to the startup of my own company more than 10 years ago,” said Phillips founder of Global HR Research. “I truly believe that if you have a strong commitment to your passion, anything is possible.”

Brandon G. Phillips

Angelo Biasi, Founder & CEO of MassiveU

1Q.15 Founder Talk
Thursday, March 13, 2015
Paragon Pavilion Theater – Naples, FL

“Founder Talk feeds entrepreneurs hungry lessons learned”

“The ability to sit and talk with a local angel group committed to investing in Southwest Florida startups was critical for me and is essential to build out Southwest Florida’s entrepreneurial ecosystem.”
Angelo Biasi